"I have had the pleasure of working with Kathleen on labour and delivery at St. Paul's Hospital. She is a knowledgeable and skilled labour and delivery nurse.
She is also a talented and patient teacher of breast feeding.
Kathleen is enthusiastic about all of her work. I have received only the best feedback from my patients who have experienced her prenatal class. I would not hesitate to recommend her class to anyone!"

Nancy Mitenko, MD FRCSC, Staff Obstetrician, St. Paul's Hospital

"Kathleen is an experienced labour and delivery room nurse that is exceptionally committed to the caring of women in labour.
The information she provides in her Baby Prep course stems from both her experience and from the heart.
Our clients rave about her Baby Prep course and feel better prepared for the birth - and the baby! Having the class in the comfort of your own home is an added bonus.
I highly recommend Baby Prep!"

Lee Saxell, RM, MA. Clinical Associate Professor for the Division of Midwifery in the Department of Family Practice.

"We were recommended baby prep with Kathleen by our midwife and the classes did not disappoint. With Kathleen's vast nursing experience and personal experience, she was able to relate to us and provide her own personal experiences. After the first class my husband thanked me for signing us up, saying that Kathleen made the classes so much fun and that he felt better prepared for the next chapter of our lives! We would definitely recommend these classes to anyone and were sad to see them end."

Shannon & Rob

"We highly recommend Baby Prep to every ­pregnant couple we meet. These classes ­are extremely informative, but also fun,­ enjoyable and were a huge highlight of ­our pregnancy. Kathleen is warm, real a­nd passionate as well as an amazing and ­gifted teacher. We feel lucky for getti­ng to know her.
On a serious note, we did not have the e­asiest of labours and also had an extrem­ely difficult baby for the first 5 month­s. We are not sure we would have been a­s prepared or handled either as well as ­we did without taking this class."

Lenka & Patrick

We enjoyed Kathleen and the Baby Prep course so much, and want to share our recommendation with other soon-to-be parents:
Anticipating an endless power point presentation and bullet points on a chalkboard, neither I and especially my husband Jon, were looking forward to giving up our full (sunny) June weekend for the class. We were pleasantly surprised to find a room full of comfortable chairs, and then to be taught using a multitude of activities, image boards, "props", videos and games among other great tools like personal anecdotes and the instructor's own skits.
Especially huge for me was that Jon was totally uninformed and "anti course" before taking it ("forced against his will"!). Afterwards, I overheard him on the phone with his friend completely raving about how much he'd learned with detailed examples. And he has not stopped talking about it.
Kathleen is a wonderful, interesting and inspiring teacher. She must have taught the same material a million times but made it seem as if our group was the first and most important class. We walked away armed with knowledge, positivity and also the useful "cheat sheets" to reference in the future- as and when we are met with birth and baby challenges and decision- making. The BabyPrep course has made me much more confident going into birth and parenthood. Thanks again!

Victoria (& Jon)

The Baby Prep course taught by Kathleen was such an important and impactful weekend. I was definitely a skeptical to-be dad in approaching the weekend, and that Victoria definitely had to drag me there. But she will confirm that I’ve not stopped talking about it to my guy friends and family, telling them that it’s been one of the most rewarding things that I’ve done in a really long time.
Kathleen does an AMAZING job at capturing the group's interest. And that doesn’t say enough quite frankly. Her experience, knowledge and passion won me over very quickly. Her interest in people is genuine and obvious. And her affirming approach to mothers was very heartwarming, letting them know that everyone’s situation is different, and that there is no right or wrong to what their birth reality ends up being (i.e. C-section). I’ve had friends experience depression because something happened that dashed all of their best intentions, and life is just not predictable. Kathleen's instruction had a really big impact on me, so again, thanks so much. This is an exceptionally run course an exceptional instructor.

Jon (& Victoria)

"Our baby prep class was an awesome experience. I felt very anxious and nervous about labour prior to our four week course, and my husband was really unsure how he was going to cope while I was in labour, and he was nervous as he hasn't had much experience with newborns. From the very first class, Kathleen put our minds at ease. Her vast depth of knowledge and know how regarding birth and babies was so reassuring and we both feel so much more educated and ready to be first time parents. We cannot thank Kathleen enough for helping and educating us so that this last leg of pregnancy is an enjoyable, anxiety free period before this next chapter of our lives and whatever it may bring begins!"

Lauren & Rhys

"My doctor recommended me to sign up for Kathleen's prenatal classes, he said she's great, very enthusiastic and competent. And he was right! Scott and I joined the October evening classes which were divided into four sessions.
In our first session Kathleen immediately made us all feel very comfortable and her professional yet laid back approach worked really well for us. Throughout all the classes, you could tell she knew what she was talking about, effectively combining years of hands-on practical expertise with her own personal experiences.
There were so many highlights but I personally really enjoyed the class where she discussed breastfeeding as this is something I've been told can be a major challenge. Kathleen patiently walked us through the possible issues new Moms are faced with when breastfeeding step by step and, as well, got all the men engaged on how they can be of help!
We would absolutely recommend Kathleen's prenatal classes and couldn't have imagined a better instructor. Thanks Kathleen!"

Anna & Scott

"Kathleen and Baby Prep have been enormou­sly helpful in the weeks leading up to t­he delivery of our twins. The informatio­n provided to us was insightful, relevan­t, and up-to-date. We gained an understanding of what to ex­pect during different delivery scenarios­ and practical advice on how to care for­ and enjoy our babies once we got home f­rom the hospital. Most importantly, Kath­leen is highly attuned to different birt­hing options out there. She provided sou­nd information -without judgement - on a­ variety of labour and baby topics. Any ­parent-to-be will come away from this cl­ass with a bundle of resources to draw f­rom, a supportive group of new parent fr­iends, and a sense of calm and strength ­when it comes to labour."

Katie & Colin

"Kathleen's Baby Prep course came highly recommended by our midwife. Her week-end course fit our busy schedule perfectly and covered all the basics of what we could expect during the last few weeks of our pregnancy, the labour and delivery process, and the first few weeks at home with baby.
Her first hand knowledge as a Maternity nurse and a lactation expert helped to assuage any anxieties or concerns we had about labour, delivery, and breastfeeding. She also gave us a realistic vision of what our first few weeks at home would be like and assured each and every one of us that we could handle the rigours of taking care of our newborns.
We left the course feeling more confident that we were prepared for the arrival of our little one! The class reunion a few months after the arrival of our little one was great too - our little guy made some new friends! Thanks, Kathleen!"

Tracie, Cesar & little CJ

"My husband and I had the privilege of taking Kathleen’s Baby Prep group sessions when we were pregnant with our son. Kathleen is an incredibly warm, wise, and passionate instructor, who immediately put us at ease. Her approach towards labour, delivery, and the postpartum period is based on honesty, common sense, practical experience as a labour and delivery nurse, and personal experience as a mother. She is an excellent group facilitator and was able to create a real sense of community among all of us in the class, leading to us all forming a Mum’s group once we had given birth. Baby Prep™ was a wonderful experience and I am so glad we chose it."

Megan & Gabriel

"The Baby Prep course taught by Kathleen was very thorough but relaxed. We were able to ask the questions that we felt were important to us and we came away feeling more confident about having our first baby. Kathleen has an open mind to all aspects of childbirth and is very knowledgeable. We are happy to have taken the baby prep course and would highly recommend it to anyone expecting a baby!"

Anna & Shawn

"Both my wife and I are expecting our first child and we were scared and uncertain about the process of giving birth and caring for a new born. Kathleen has an engaging and illustrative way to present what to look out for during pregnancy, while giving birth and beyond. We gain a lot of information and feel a lot more prepared after going through this course. Another big plus was that we got to know other couples that are expecting as well. This is a great way to create a support network with others who are in the same stage of their lives. We would definitely recommend this course to friends and family."

Agi & Bernd

"As a doctor, I wasn't sure I really needed to take a full prenatal course, but since my husband is non-medical, we signed up for the Baby Prep™ weekend course. I do not regret a second of the 14 hours we spent with Kathleen over that weekend - I learned so much from her! She is very down to earth, passionate about what she does, and open to any and all questions. She uses props, activities and videos to keep things entertaining... but in a very thoughtful way (ie. no painful role-playing or silly games, and she edits down the videos to the few minutes that she feels are useful for everyone to see). The breastfeeding / infant care and post-partum coping pieces that she adds in are extremely useful and resonated with me in those first trying days after our daughter was born. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone!"


"We attended the baby prep class with Kathleen and thought it was both informative and enjoyable. It has given us more confidence and we feel we're better prepared for what to expect.
Before going to the class we had some concerns but Kathleen has a wealth of experience answered all our questions thoroughly. The sessions had a good combination of teaching styles and we would definitely recommend it to family and friends."

Harry & Elena

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