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Twins/Multiples Prenatal Class

The Baby Prep™ philosophy acknowledges that each birthing experience is unique and therefore, your childbirth education should be unique and tailored to your specific needs and concerns.


Twins/Multiples Prenatal Class Info

  • The twins/multiples course covers the same topics as in all Baby Prep’s™ Prenatal Sessions, but is tailored towards having more than one child and the challenges new parents may face.
  • This class is for any couple expecting more than one baby.
  • The class is arranged around your schedule.
  • Class allows you to discuss personal issues and ease.
  • Less time spent on the others concerns and questions of others which may not pertain to you
  • The class is taught using a variety of instructional methods such as visual aids, diagrams and plenty of hands on practice!
  • Special circumstances that may arise with a multiples delivery are discussed. (i.e.) medical interventions at birth and why they may be used, premature babies and how to care for them, breastfeeding two babies and milk supply issues.
  • The goal is to provide you and your partner the ability to make informed birth choices, build confidence and help ease the transition into parenthood.
  • Surround yourself with your support network (partner, Doula, mother, sister, friend)
  • Confidentiality Assured

When should you take a twins/multiples prenatal class?

You are welcome to take a private Twins/Multiples Prenatal Class at any time after your 26th week of pregnancy. Booking in earlier is recommended to secure your preferred dates.

Class Topics

Please see our Prenatal Class Topics page to review the class curriculum.


  • $525/couple (one 6 hour session)
  • or $550/couple (two 3 hour sessions)
    • An additional $25 charge will apply for classes outside the City of Vancouver.

Additional Notes

For those not needing to cover all of the class topics, Baby Prep™ is still happy to work with you! The fee is $125/hour for a minimum of 3 hours. The cost caps out at either 1 or 2 day class pricing.

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