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Baby Prep™ Prenatal Sessions

Private Caesarean Birth Prenatal Class

The Baby Prep™ philosophy acknowledges that each birthing experience is unique and therefore, your childbirth education should be unique and tailored to your specific needs and concerns.

Caesarean Birth


To receive an in-person private prenatal class, you must be double-vaccinated and present your vaccine passport and corresponding government issued ID at the time of the class.

If you are not double-vaccinated, we are more than happy to help you via an online class using Zoom.

Date posted September 23, 2021

Class Info

  • For expecting mothers and their partners that will be scheduling a planned Ceasarean Birth
  • The class is arranged around your schedule.
  • The class is taught in the privacy of your own home using a variety of instructional methods such as visual aides and plenty of practice!
  • The class allows you to discuss personal issues at ease.
  • You are able to have the sole attention of the instructor.
  • Surround yourself with your support network. (partner, doula, mother, sister, friend)
  • Confidentiality Assured

When should you take the class?

You are welcome to take a private Caesarean Birth Prenatal Class at any time after your 30th week of pregnancy. Booking in earlier is recommended to secure your preferred dates.

Who are our instructors?

All Baby Prep™ instructors are experienced Registered Nurses (BCCNM) and are currently working in the Vancouver, BC and surrounding areas. All instructors follow the BC and Canadian healthcare guidelines.


  • $500/couple (one 4 hour session)
    • An additional $25 charge will apply for classes outside the City of Vancouver.

Additional Notes

If you would like to join a group prenatal class, you are more then welcome. Only the second Evening Group Series class or the Weekend Group Course‘s Saturday afternoon will not apply to couples scheduled for a Caesarean birth.

Private Caesarean Birth Prenatal Class Topics

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  • What to expect in the operating room
  • Understanding the surgical procedure
  • Making your birth experience family centered
  • Early signs of labour and what to watch for
  • Newborn behavior and abilities
  • Newborn appearances
  • Newborn tests and procedures
    • Early disease screening, vitamin K, erythromycin,  screening for Jaundice
  • Diapering
  • Bathing
  • Cord Care
  • Safety
  • Comforting the Baby
  • Post surgical recovery in the hospital and the first 6 weeks at home.
  • Emotional and physical changes after birth
  • Postpartum blues vs. depression
  • Time management
  • Family planning
  • Community resources
  • Introduction to breastfeeding
  • Steps for successful breastfeeding (struggles and rewards)
  • Alternatives to breastfeeding

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